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Carbon Briqutte is used to replace part of the Foundry Coke usage. Major raw material are: Anthracite. It is formed under a certain pressure. By experiment, using Carbon Briqutte can raise the heating rate, reduce the infectant release. It's now using in Steel industry to replace coal and coke usage and very competitive in price.

1)F.C: 78%min
S: 0.5%max
Ash: 10%max
V.N.: 10%max
Calorific Capacity: 6000kj/kg min
Size: 45-50mm 90%min

2)F.C: 83%min
S: 0.5%max
Ash: 13%max
V.N.: 4%max
Calorific Capacity: 7000kj/kg min
Size: 45-50mm 90%min

3)F.C: 85%min
S: 0.5%max
Ash: 11%max
V.N.: 4%max
Calorific Capacity: 7500kj/kg min
Size: 45-50mm 90%min

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