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met cokeIt is mainly used in metallurgical coke and chemical industries, in producing synthetic nitrogenous fertilizer, calcium carbide,cemen

The coke in a cupola functions not only as a fuel but also, and more important, as a medium of heat transfer. The key factor affecting the efficiency of the molten metal heating-up is the surface combustion temperature of the coke. Thus, the reactivity of the coke is important because it is closely related to the efficiency of the molten metal heating-up.

the first grade foundry coke is introduced .It is proved by copula melting experiment that,the temperature of liquid ironmay reach 1504 Degrees Celsiusand is 74Degrees Celsius

higher than that by using metallurgical coke,which makes the cost of liquid iron reduced and the quality of casting improved.

Coke is primarily used to smelt iron ore and other bearing materials in blast furnaces, acting both as a source of heat and as a chemical reducing agent to produce pig iron or hot metal. Coke, iron-ore and limestone are fed into blast furnace, which runs continuously. Hot air blown into the furnace burns the coke, which serves as source of heat and as an oxygen reducing agent to produce metallic iron. Limestone acts as a flux and also combines with impurities to form slag. Coke also serves as a structural material to support the deep bed of coke/iron oxide/limestone that makes up much of the furnace volume. It is in this last role that its properties are crucial. It is important that it does not degrade (eg break up into small particles ) during its descent through the oxidizing hot gases passing through the stock region of the furnace.

Met Coke Specification
Item & unit          Prime grade  Grade 1   Grade 2
FC %  ≥               86          86         85 met coke
Ash %  ≤              10.5        12.0       13.5
Sulfur %  ≤           0.5         0.6        0.7
Phosphorus %  ≤       0.035       0.035      0.035
Volatile Matter % ≤   1.5         1.5        1.5
Total Moisture %  ≤   5.0         5.0        5.0
M40 %  ≥              85.0        80.0       76.0
M10 %  ≤              7.0         7.5        8.5
CSR %  ≥              60          55.0       50.0
CRI %  ≤              28          30.0       35.0

Size, 90%  ≥  Can be provided according to customers requirement.
Normal Sizes(mm):(80-150,100-200),( 30-80, 25-60, 30-90,40-80),(10-30,10-40 ,25-40)

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