Russia issues H1 output results for steel Back to News
According to the data released by the Russian Federation Federal State Statistics Service, in the first half of this year Russia produced 28.4 million tonnes of finished steel products up by 20.6% YoY, 4.3 million tonnes of steel pipes up by 43.1% YoY and 24.2 million tonnes of pig iron up by 23.2%YoY.

In the first six months of this year the country registered a 13.4%YoY increase in its coal mining output and an 18%YoY rise in its iron ore concentrate output. The respective figures in metric tons were 156 million and 46.3 million. In addition, Russia metallurgical coke output during the period in question went up by 23.7%YoY to 13.6 million tonnes.

In June this year, Russia finished steel product output went down by 9.4%MoM, its pig iron output decreased by 7.9%MoM while its pipe production increased by 7.6%MoM. In June, Russia coal output went down by 4.2%MoM, its coke production decreased by 8.2%MoM while its iron ore concentrate output rose by 0.4%MoM.