Nine Nice Minerals International Group Limited is a professional exporting company.

 We are dealing with all kinds of raw material associate with Steel and Casting Industrial, such as: Met Coke, Coal, Carbon Raiser,calcined petroleum coke, Ferro-alloys, and Refractory Grade Bauxite from Xiaoyi, Shanxi province of China. Our products have sound market in China and also export to Middle-east, India, Pakistan, Egypt, Korea, Japan and Europe. Rely on the great mine resources in Shanxi province, under our years of efforts, we have long-term good relationship with many states coal mine companies, Coke factory (year production over 2 million ton) and other refractory material manufactories, and work as a agent for them to export Coal, Coke and Alloys products.

Our office is right next to the Xingang port of China, the well-known port of the world. We have over 10000 square meters warehouse in Nanjiang Storage Area, mainly for our products packing, storage and transportation. We are offering our customers all over the world with quality products along with most competitive price and best service. We sincerely hope, by our best services and your support, we can establish long-term cooperation relationship and develop together!

玖玖曠產國際集團有限公司是专业性进出品贸易企业。成立于1999年。 我们主要经营各种与钢铁、铸造等行业的相关的产品,如焦碳,煤,增碳剂,铁合金等,并大量供应中国山西省孝义市出产的优质耐火级铝矾土。产品不仅有着良好的国内市场,更远销中东,印巴,埃及,韩国,日本及许多欧美国家。